The Simple Market is a community natural grocery store with great quality, fresh, organic, bulk, low waste foods and products. The store hosts events in their cellar and gives back to the community through local & global organisations that are at the forefront in making positive change. The Simple Market believes in supporting small organic farms and local producers from South Australia with the belief that providing access to whole foods and low waste products makes a big difference in our lives, our community, and our planet.


Our Commitment to you

Quality Ingredients

  • Whole Foods Plant based focus.
  • Build long term fair partnerships with local farmers, growers & producers.
  • Get picky with product - local & organic where we can, which means it is seasonal.
  • No genetically modified ingredients.
  • Really strict ingredient lists across all food, body and home ingredients/products.
  • Only ethically sourced palm oil.
  • Bulk options where possible so we can give great prices with less packaging.

To the community 

  • We try to get to know you by name, and say "g'day" not "next".
  • We strive to treat you like a guest in our own home.
  • We gladly give food and donations to support local & global organisations that are at the forefront in making a positive change.
  • We volunteer as a team and participate in local events.
  • We invest in our team and grow The Simple Market family from within.

    To the Environment

    • We try to think of the environment in all our decisions.
      • We used paint containing no volatile organic compounds for both the inside and outside of our historic building. 
      • Our shop fit out included recycled materials where possible and was made in store with the help of family and friends. 
      • We conserve energy with LED lights, economical cool room refrigeration.
    • Reducing, Reusing & Recycling is such a big priority of ours.
      • We encourage you to bring back any soft plastics that you buy from us so we can recycle it.
      • We encourage and support the use of reusable bags.
      • Excess food we give to local organisations.
      • We compost when we do have fruit/veggie waste - compost or die!