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At The Simple Market our goal is to help you feel welcome and connected, and our team works hard to make sure you have a great experience each time you visit. We are equally committed to providing great ingredients and great service to each guest that walks through our door.

Bought something that just didn’t taste right? Or it went from organic blemishes to funky real quick? Or we told you that you'd love it, but you didn't? Bring it back with your receipt and whatever is left, and we will give you a full refund or get you another one if you prefer, no worries. We'd prefer if you told us so we can check it out as soon as possible. 

We pride ourselves on working with some of the best local farmers and having really good quality foods & products, so if somethings not right, tell us. From time to time there will be caterpillars, ladybugs, or marks on our organic fresh produce that we don't see.

We also welcome any new ingredients or items you are wanting to give us the heads up on, events that we should be aware of, or any environmental or social issues that we can somehow support.

We also love to recognise our team members for their hard work, knowledge & help.

Essentially, don’t hesitate to let us know the good or the bad.

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The Simple Market Location

(08) 7080 1047
44 Henley Beach Road
Mile End, SA, 5031

We are located about a 25 minute walk, 9 minute bike ride, or 6 minute drive West from the centre of Adelaide, in Adelaide’s Inner West. We have bike parking out the front, or 2hr street parking. Dogs are also more than welcome to be parked out the front… so we can pat them.

If you haven’t been to our neighbourhood before, ask us and we will tell you about some great places in 5031 to visit.