Absolute Organic Coconut Flour 500g


A versatile and nourishing ingredient that will enhance your culinary efforts. Crafted from freshly harvested organic coconut flesh, this grain-free substitute for wheat flour not only delivers exquisite taste but also provides a wealth of nutrients.

Our Organic Coconut Flour is the ideal choice for those seeking a low-carbohydrate, high-fibre option. With its gentle coconut aroma and flavour, it brings a delightful twist to your dishes. Whether you're whipping up fluffy pancakes or indulging in delectable cookies and slices, this flour will elevate your recipes to new levels of deliciousness.

What sets our Organic Coconut Flour apart is its pure and natural composition. It is completely free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), bleaching agents, and preservatives. Embrace the goodness of this wholesome flour and savour the natural goodness it brings to your kitchen creations.