Picnics might seem confronting to plan & organise, especially if there are lots of people, or maybe with people you don't know that well, so it seems like choosing a meal off a menu is easier.

A simple picnic is so much fun. Picnics are the perfect way to maximise quality family/friend/partner time in the sunshine or sunset, even if it's in your own backyard! Dogs can come. Kids can run around outside. Relaxed atmosphere. Immersed in nature. Fresh air & sunshine. Easy cater for dietary requirements. Simple & easy to organise. Food made of high-quality ingredients that you know and trust.

Adelaide’s picnic spots are so underrated! Looking to find somewhere calm and quiet, or somewhere family friendly or even a place with gorgeous views? Here is a list of our favourite spots to spend quality time with family & friends in then fresh air:

  • River Torrens- You can't go wrong with any spot along the River Torrens, some of our favourite parts are near the Findon Rd dog park or right near us at The Simple Market

  • Belair National Park- Kids or no kids, the drive to Belair is worth it. Ducks in ponds, walking trails, bike riding, wildlife and fresh air.

  • Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens- An SA classic that thrives at this time of year, with endless secret spots to spend the daytime. Go for a walk and admire the beauty. If going on the weekend, go early to secure your spot as it can get busy.

    Mount Osmond- The first turn off the freeway, the hill on Mount Osmond is blooming with gorgeous grass. Sit on the top of the hill at sunset and watch over Adelaide.

  • Morialta conservation park- For more adventurous picnickers, this park allows you to combine hiking, birdwatching and even rock-climbing with a relaxing post-activity snack

  • Semaphore beach- Kid and dog friendly! If you'd rather be in the hustle and bustle of families, Semaphore has the beach, playground and extensive grass area for whatever suits you.

  • West beach- The grass area next to the boat ramp is a perfect local sunny spot to enjoy a picnic on the beach without the pain of sand getting everywhere!

  • Veale Gardens- Just off south terrace, the city isn't usually the first choice picnic spot but you can't pass on the wonderful blooming this garden can get.

  • Dove Street Reserve- Just around the corner from the store, it has a nice grassy area, a bbq, playground, easy parking, basketball court and really friendly neighbours.

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