We are an organic & natural grocery store with a passion for simple living.

Our purpose is simple - we believe that through simple living, our lives, and the world can be a better place.

We've been around since 2017, starting with just a really small range of products and growing into the store we are today.

We setup in an old vacant building that once was a greengrocer between 1955-1973 in Mile End, 5031, Adelaide. 

Simple living and Click & Collect?
We don’t expect all of you to use our click & collect website. In fact, we’d rather see you in person. But this site is for when you’ve had one of those busy weeks and you need some more time for simple living - gardening, hiking, camping, dinner party, family time, Maybe it’s for when you’re crook and you need good food to boost your vitality again. Maybe it’s when you're lacking sleep with your newborn (or toddler!) and you need some simple nutrients. Perhaps you’ve just landed back in Adelaide after having to eat sad hotel & airport food, and you need something nutritious. Maybe you’ve been burning the candles at both ends, knowing you're about to get sick and you need good simple organic vitamin rich food. Maybe you’re out in the country where natural foods are limited, and you just need to quickly come to town to stock up on the best quality organic & natural foods. Again, we'd rather see you in person but we hope this site helps you, and helps you keep it simple when you need it.

Welcome, we look forward to serving you and you being part of this wonderful community.