Frequently asked question

You order via our website what you’d like in the comfort of your own home/work/nature and we do the shopping for you so you have more time for simple living. Just add to the basket, select your pickup time, checkout and we will see you when you get here for the designated time

Unfortunately there is a small cost involved for our team to handpick the products for you, it’s $6 cost which is simply the cost of our team's time & packaging materials. 

Generally yes, we have a physical store that’s been here for almost 6 years. From time to time though there are some things out of stock, or the quality isn’t up to scratch, or the weight might be slightly different to what you’ve ordered - we will adjust this and let you know of the change.

Our team picks the freshest and best quality produce for you. From time to time with organic produce a snail might have bitten an edge of the spinach leaf, or a broccoli isn’t the normal shape, but if there is something funky or not right, let us know so we can make it right. Our aim is to get the produce like you would in store.

We pack the order in paper bags made from recycled materials or cardboard boxes for you to recycle at home. Fresh Produce is loose or in compostable bags/paper bags. We'd recommend certain veggies being placed in a sealed bag or container when you get home to stop moisture loss.

We will send you a message, and hold your order until the end of the day, but after that it will be considered abandoned. We unfortunately have limited space and can’t guarantee the quality if we store it too long, but we also know things in life can get a bit away from simple living sometimes so if you know you’ll be later than the agreed time, call us so we can work something out. We are here to make it easy for you, within reason.

Just show us the email receipt or we can look up the order number. After a while we will know you by face or car.

Our counter is located just on the back left of the store. Wait here and we will get it organised for you, if you need a hand to your car just ask us. Or you can call us on 08 7080 1047 and wait in the car, and we will bring it out to you.

No, we don’t have a minimum order.

No, at this stage it’s just click and collect so we can monitor quality & keep your costs down. If you do want delivery though, please FILL IN THIS FORM so we can let you know if we do and we can see if there are enough people to make it viable.  There are some courier services out there that we will checkout if you're stuck.

We’ve got easy street parking out the front that you usually can find a spot, otherwise there is a side street near the Mile End Pub with some additional parking.

Yes - just let us know 2hrs before your scheduled time, which is before we’ve started picking your order. Otherwise there is a cancellation fee of $12 as the team needs to both pick, pack, unpack and then put the stock back.

Just add it into the comments section of your order, We may have just received the stock and haven’t updated the site just yet.