What's wrong with my compost?
We have always had a passion for helping to build a healthier environment for our community. Rich soil and compost play...
Educator's Spotlight Nat Giffney
We’ve had the honour of serving Nat and her partner Bill as Simple Market Members for a few years now. Nat...
Home Made Granola Recipe
Every now and again we face something called Breakfast Rut. It is during this time we like to add something different and usually, it is a home made granola - get the recipe.
Adelaide in Autumn try the local Heysen trail to Bridgewater
Autumn in Adelaide is pretty special, what does it mean for you? Have you visited the hills yet?
Apples are in peak freshness, local from the Adelaide hills. This recipe calls for the golden delicious apples topped with crunchy, slightly spiced crumple, want the recipe?
Better than finding your dream house is finding your dream neighbourhood
In celebration of 5031 day (May 31st), we interviewed Grigori and Dionysia (Greg & Sue), who regularly shop at our store...
Organic Bone Broth Adelaide
Bone Broth Recipe for winter in Adelaide.
Delicious pumpkin soup recipe
We hope you enjoy this delicious and simple roast pumpkin & thyme soup recipe.It's the quality of the ingredients that makes all the difference, especially a good quality salt and organic extra virgin olive oil.
Natural Easter Eggs Adelaide
Natural Easter Egg Dyeing Recipe, decorated with flowers, herbs and leaves.We had a great Botanical Egg Dyeing Class last weekend in...
How do you keep bees in South Australia?
We interviewed one of our long term members Brad Joseph about his experience when it comes to beekeeping a few years ago, what's involved, and some questions we've wanted to know more about for some time. A big ethical question we have is, is honey sustainable?