Organic, Fresh, unpackaged

If you find it at The Simple Market, you can trust it's real.

Like you, we care about food, where it comes from and how it's grown. We strive to bring you products that are locally grown, Certified Organic, and produced in ethical ways with as little packaging as possible.

We have:

  • Fresh organic fruits and organic vegetables with a focus on local farmers & biodynamic
  • Unpackaged foods including nuts, bulk seeds, bulk grains, bulk legumes, bulk flours
  • Bulk oils and vinegars
  • Grocery health food products
  • Fermented Foods, Nut cheeses, non-dairy milks, kombucha & kefir
  • Loose teas, herbs and spices
  • Vitamins and herbal supplements
  • Essential oils
  • Non-toxic beauty products including skincare, body care and hair care
  • Environmentally friendly feminine hygiene products
  • Natural toothpastes and mouth washes
  • Unpackaged liquid & bar soaps, shampoo/conditioners
  • Bulk home cleaning products, as well as toxic free cleaners
  • Eco Homewares for an easier zero waste lifestyle
  • Focus and passion for cruelty free products across the store