Ceremonial Cacao 450g


This organic Peruvian cacao is deliciously smooth + vibrant, uplifting yet calming.

Cacao is the perfect addition to ritual or ceremony, full of phenylethylamine aka 'the love drug' + anandamide aka 'the bliss chemical', cacao can enhance your mood + energy as it releases endorphins creating a euphoric head space.

Heart-opening cacao literally does just that! Consuming raw cacao releases nitric oxide within the body so being a vasodilator it increases your blood flow + lowers blood pressure. (This could also help decrease soreness of muscles + erectile dysfunction)

Restorative essential amino acid tryptophan found in raw cacao plays a role in the production of mood-stabilising serotonin, which is converted to melatonin, helping to regulate sleep patterns.
Being magnesium rich too, this makes for an ideal decadent pre bed-time elixir, relaxing your muscles + nerves by increasing the function of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) the inhibitory neurotransmitter.

We like to have this in the morning with just a little hot water.