Ceres Baked Beans Low Sodium 450g


Ceres Organics Baked Beans are made with organically grown navy beans, cooked in a gentle tomato sauce, and delicately seasoned to create a natural homemade taste. 

You'll find nothing artificial here - no flavour enhancers, additives or preservatives. Just real ingredients and real good flavour. 

High in protein and dietary fibre, yet low in sodium, they're ideal as a quick and easy meal. 

Great on toast, mixed with veggies, or as a stuffing for baked potatoes.

Navy Beans*, Water, Tomato Paste*, Sugar*, Corn Starch*, Seasoning (onion powder*, rice flour*, cinnamon*, ginger*, chilli*, garlic powder*, clove oil*, sunflower oil*) (*Certified Organic)