Culturehood Kvass Golden


Culture Hood Golden Kvass is a fermented liquid tonic rich in probiotics, digestive enzymes and nutrients all of which are vital for the restoration of your gut health.

Containing radiant organic golden beetroot, the renowned anti-inflammatory properties of organic fresh turmeric root, anti-oxidant rich golden Incan berries, wild crafted pine pollen, mineral rich salt from Lake Deborah in Western Australia and living spring water from the Adelaide hills; our Golden Kvass is simply ‘liquid gold’.


Just like their Red Beet Kvass, our Golden Beet Kvass is ‘multi-pronged’ in its ability to support many of the body systems.

It is PROTECTIVE by way of rebuilding gut microbiome balance.

It is a DIGESTIVE AID by way of improving overall digestion, assisting in the digestion of other foods, promoting healthy stool formation and regularity.

It supports and helps maintain healthy LIVER FUNCTION and CARDIOVASCULAR FUNCTION.

It may assist in reducing INFLAMMATION in the body.

It helps BOOST IMMUNE FUNCTION by promoting stronger resilience and resistance to invading pathogens.

In general, the incorporation of lacto-fermented foods such as Beet Kvass will help encourage a thriving healthy gut flora, increase your immune strength and the ability to digest and absorb the nutrients in your food.