Culturehood Kvass Pomegranate


BEET KVASS🍷with cold-pressed, Organic Pomegranate🍎

This is OFF THE CHARTS delicious & for anyone a little shy about BEETROOT KVASS, I reckon you will consider this a winner!!!

FERMENTS are FUNKY - which can put some people off getting started, especially kiddies. Many of us have made at least 1 attempt at getting 'cultured' ;-) - trust me I have been there too.

Well my friends - THIS IS IT, an incredible fermented tonic which can transition even the most resistant.

They are using Certified Organic COLD PRESSED Pomegranate juice (not concentrate) - it’s an 18% blend with out Beet Kvass, Original - a truly beautiful marriage.<3 In fact the marriage between the 2 is so wonderful - you may find that when you open your bottle it FIZZES with extra JOY. :-)

CAUTION must be remembered when opening the bottle of this overly excitable pair!!!

FIZZINESS or FLATNESS - either-way, is not a sign of whether your KVASS is viable or not or whether FIZZ is better than FLAT? The extra carbonation is simply a sign of further fermentation - meaning the beneficial microbes have further consumed/metabolized carbohydrates during the time they have been in the bottle. Whenever microbes metabolize carbohydrates they produce LACTIC ACID & Carbondioxide Gas. Obviously this happens very quickly in the beginning stages of FERMENTATION & slows down as the food supply for the microbes is gobbled up - we slow it down further by refrigeration. Microbial activity increases with sugar & warmth. So refrigerating your product slows fermentation right down but does not stop it completely. Which is why you may by your bottle FLAT & after a couple of weeks in the fridge you may get a surprise when you open it again or indeed open your second bottle.

Just keep in mind, there is nothing wrong with FIZZ nor is there anything wrong with FLAT.

The most important thing is the TANG (determined by the presence of LACTIC ACID)