Kin Kin Dishwashing Powder 2.5KG


Introducing Kin Kin Naturals' Dishwasher Powder, where the refreshing scents of Lemon Myrtle and Lime essential oils meet powerful cleaning action. Crafted with a touch of Queensland's finest, this product is a testament to both nature and efficacy.

Unlock a world of guilt-free clean with our family-made formula, designed to leave no trace on the planet or your conscience. Whether it's grey water systems or septic tanks, this dishwasher powder gets the green light, harmonising with the environment effortlessly.

Say goodbye to overuse – our ultra-concentrated marvel requires just 15ml per load (that's about half a dispenser in most dishwashers). With a 1.1kg bottle catering to 70 loads and a 2.5kg pouch granting 160 loads, you're embarking on an economical journey that doesn't compromise on quality.

With roots deeply embedded in Kin Kin's serene landscapes within the Noosa Hinterland, this product is more than a cleaning agent; it's a homage to love for nature and craftsmanship. Embrace sparkling dishes, eco-conscious choices, and the beauty of Kin Kin Naturals' Dishwasher Powder.