MBC Jersey Cold Pressed Raw Milk 1.5L

Made by Cow cold pressed raw milk hasn’t been heat pasteurised, homogenised, separated or standardised like other milk products. Instead, they take the milk straight from the farm and apply cold high pressure to make it safe. This delivers an equivalent level of safety as heat pasteurisation, only without the heat, retaining more calcium, protein, vitamins and enzymes, which means more goodness for you!

Their Jersey Milk is sourced from a Jersey farm on the NSW South Coast, where the cows roam free and graze on fresh, green grass year-round. Jersey cows naturally produce milk that is superior in both nutrition and flavour, as well as being high in the A2 protein.

This Made by Cow milk has a rich and deliciously creamy flavour that really tastes different, so now you can enjoy the flavour of real, raw milk in Adelaide…